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I am so happy I contacted Rochana to help me with my website. With a vision in my mind of what I wanted, I just didn’t know how to translate that into something on the Web. As an herbalist, my focus is on the plants and my clients, so building my website felt like a language from another world. Well, I picked the right person, because Ro is also an herbalist herself, and she knows the languages of both worlds fluently. As soon as she started to send me versions of my logo and drafts of my site, I felt as though she had pulled it right from my own mind! Her intuitive abilities are strongly connected to her creative abilities, and in the end, my website looked exactly the way I was hoping it would, only better! I am so grateful to her for assisting me in getting my website going, and everyone I have shown it to says it’s really beautiful. I am excited to direct people to my site, as I feel like I am sending them to a place I myself envisioned come alive with the help of an intuitive web designer.
Jessica Elise Clark

Clinical Herbalist, Wild Bee Herbals

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