Let’s Work

It’s nice to meet someone before doing business together don’t you agree? This is a quick face-to-face over Zoom to introduce ourselves if you’re interested in my services or need more information.

90-minute deep dive into your business to create a just-in-time digital strategy so you can grow your business and avoid going down the wrong path with tools, services, and messaging. I’ll help you envision a digital ecosystem and realistic marketing approach that will best serve you and your business now and in the longer term. 

Receive a $199 credit towards my Website and Brand packages.

  1. We meet for 30 minutes in which you give me a comprehensive overview of your business: Who your industry and audience is, what your offerings are, who your competitors are, what you’ve tried and has/hasn’t worked, etc.
  2. Within 48 hours I perform a comprehensive 7-point assessment and send you a video recording of my findings and recommendations. 
  3. We meet again for 30 minutes to answer your questions.

For existing website clients only. Need to update your website or digital ecosystem? Save tons of time in back-and-forth emailing by scheduling a work session and let’s get it done! In this hands-on Zoom meeting I can do the following on the fly as you provide your request details, access codes, and check results:

  • modify website messaging/content
  • change/setup your booking service, appointment types, links, or web page display
  • change/setup your newsletter service
  • add new business domain emails or make mailbox changes
  • create domain verification records for SPF, DKIM, & DMARC*

This meeting can also be used for refresher training on creating blog posts, sending and scheduling newsletters, and managing your booking service.

Minimum time is one hour to get started, and if we need more time we’ll schedule additional sessions or offline work.

*I can help new/non-clients as well with this universal task. 

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